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Meet Bartosz Bibrowicz, Injury Prevention and Performance Specialist for Polish National Teams

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Bartosz Bibrowicz’s work is his passion. A physiotherapist and prehab specialist for the Polish Golf and Judo Associations, Bart specializes in injury prevention as well as functional and performance training. Additionally, Bart is the head strength and conditioning coach of the one of the most titled basketball teams in Poland, the WKS Ślask Wroclaw. He works with women’s basketball teams as well. He currently offers his expertise to over 200 elite athletes including Polish professional athletes, Olympians, world champions and European medalists. Helping athletes achieve their goals and becoming better every single day is what adrenalizes him.

Move2Perform: Simple and Clear

“When I started testing athletes using the software, I was delighted with its abilities. My work philosophy is based primarily on the quality of movement. The reports are ideal to provide to the athletes and coaches--simple and clear. Currently, I cannot imagine my work without Move2Perform during my daily practice.”

The Elite Performance Institute

The success of working with multiple high level athletes contributed to Bart founding the Elite Performance Institute. Bartosz is a presenter for the international company specializing in sports coaching education for Poland and Ireland. The Institute organizes Strength and Conditioning Courses accredited by NASM and NSCA. In 2014, Bartosz was also one of the founders of the Polish Strength and Conditioning Association.

Quality of Movement, Quality of Work

Bibrowicz considers himself an injury prevention specialist and performance coach. Over the course of his career, his philosophy as a Performance Physical Therapist has been built by the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, the Functional Movement Screen, the Y Balance Test, the International Youth Conditioning Association, the Mulligan Concept, PNF and EXOS which was formerly Athlete’s Performance. He says, “In sports there are no shortcuts. I focus on movement quality and expect that from all of the equipment I use. Each of my players is tested early on with functional screening, including the Y Balance Test and the Functional Movement Screen. I receive pure results when I put them into the Move2Perform software. Last year in preseason testing the information I was able to provide, mainly based on Move2Perform reports, helped to save a lot of money and bad transfers.”