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Meet Albi Gilmer, MPT, OCS

The Andrews Institute Rehabilitation Facility Manager in Gulf Breeze, FL


Albi Gilmer has been instrumental at The Andrews Institute Rehabilitation in implementing standardized return to play decisions across multiple Andrews Institute facilities using the Move2Perform software.

Re-Writing Protocols to Include Move2Perform

According to Albi, “We have actually started a process of re-writing protocols to include Move2Perform testing to assign risks levels for rehab following many common surgeries: ACL-PTG reconstruction, meniscus repair, PCL repair, and combinations of these surgeries in the lower extremity. We are using it for the upper extremity as well for labrum repairs, SLAP injuries and repair, sub-acromial decompression, ulnar collateral ligament repair, etc."

Improving Communication with Patients and Physicians

"The Move2Perform software allows us to better communicate with patients and physicians the level of risk that a patient faces in returning to sport or an activity.  Albi has found that “…The four categories of risk assessment are very helpful in determining and communicating what should come next in a patient progression. The generated corrective exercises save time and help us focus on activities that will improve movement deficits that were determined by the Functional Movement Screen.”

FMS and YBT: Better Together

The Andrews Institute Rehab clinics use the Functional Movement Screen and the Y Balance Test together as part of their return to sport/activity decision-making.  Albi states, “The composite score calculation for the Y Balance Test is helpful to determine if someone is at risk even if they have symmetrical values between the right and left lower or upper extremities.  Generally speaking, the ease of use of this product is nice as the report generated is a great reflection of the data that is easily punched in.”

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More About Albi
Albi has a BS in Biology from the University of Alabama and graduated from the University of Mobile with a MS in Physical Therapy. He has been practicing for 17 years and has been the Facility Manager of The Andrews Institute Rehab in Gulf Breeze, Florida for 5 years. He specializes in general orthopedics, sports medicine and mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the spine. The Andrews Institute Rehab facility in Gulf Breeze primarily treats orthopedic injuries from the very young to the geriatric population. They also treat higher-level neurological disorders such as strokes, closed head injuries, and balance disorders. The Andrews Institute Rehab clinicians in Gulf Breeze (8 PTs, 2 PTAs and 6 ATCs) see elite athletes including professional and collegiate persons in a variety of sports.