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Kendra Boswell DPT, CSCS

KendraA key thing that we have been focusing on at our hospital is value based care. We want to demonstrate that we are the best place to give and receive care in our area. With health care these days it no longer suffices to just say you are the best, you have to prove it!

Large Hospital Based Outpatient Clinic

Kendra works at a large hospital based outpatient clinic, Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center in Joplin, MO, where she sees a wide variety of clientele.  Freeman Rehab is the biggest sports medicine provider in their region serving over 20 local high schools and colleges.  Check out how Kendra uses the Move2Perform software:

 Essential Part of Injury Prevention Programs

“Move2Perform has been an essential part of our injury prevention programs and return to sport rehab for student athletes.  M2P has served as an excellent feedback tool for patients and clients to look into the mirror and objectively see how well they are functioning and moving.  The risk analysis printouts help patients see where their movement based test scores are at baseline and, most importantly, how that can be changed with rehab and corrective exercises.   Another great feature about M2P is that it has a group injury risk assessment option that has served as an excellent way for us to give collective feedback to groups and teams.  This feature of the software helps us identify common problem areas that clinicians and coaches can easily communicate to their athletes in a timely manner.  Going through and analyzing large amount of data for a group of athletes is rarely a practical option at a busy outpatient facility.  With M2P the grunt work of data analysis is done for you and suddenly what was once just an option in research based settings is now brought home to the clinic.  When you go to post test your group after several weeks of training, M2P gives you good solid feedback about how effective your interventions were.  The number one thing an injury prevention program should have is a built in system for determining if what you are doing is in fact making a difference.  M2P for us, has been foundational in helping us construct the early stages of our system.”  

“Move2Perform has served as an excellent feedback tool for patients and clients to look into the mirror and objectively see how well they are functioning and moving.”

 “Objective evidenced based feedback is a powerful way to do exactly that.  Are we doing everything we possibly can to provide the best care to our community? This is the bottom line and is our primary objective.  Without feedback tools like M2P we have no way of knowing if we are headed in the right direction and no way of proving it if we are.”

More about Kendra

  Kendra is a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist.  She received her B.A. in biology at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO and her doctorate of physical therapy from Missouri State University.  She is currently the director of a program called Train 2 Run, a program focused on educating local runners about injury prevention through functional strength training based fitness classes.  Her areas of special interest include running video gait analysis, injury prevention for endurance athletes and community wellness.