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Meet Josh Williams, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, APTA-CCI


Outpatient OJosh_0203-1rthopedics at Physical Therapy Central

Josh Williams was recently nominated to be a Featured Expert by one of his coworkers at Physical Therapy Central for his excellence as an outpatient orthopedic therapist and Move2Perform provider. For the last eight years, Josh has worked in Newcastle, OK at one of the 12 therapist-owned Physical Therapy Central clinics in Oklahoma. Josh treats a variety of post-operative and orthopedic patients of all ages and uses Move2Perform frequently in his practice. With four school districts within a 20-mile radius of the Newcastle clinic, Josh sees a large variety of Junior High and High School athletes across many sports.

Better Data for Injury Risk and Return to Play Decisions

Josh credits Move2Perform with help in combining information from several injury risk tests such as the Y-Balance Test, FMS, hop testing, etc. He states, “I feel that this combination of information not only gives me better data to determine injury risk and make return to play decisions, but also gives me a look at a variety of different aspects of a patient’s movement that may need to be addressed with intervention.”

Time Saving Cut Points

“I also find great benefit in the software’s ability to make comparisons to normative values. This helps me focus less time on reviewing the research for cut-off points and values that represent the specific patient in front of me and allows me more time to focus on the quality of movement and potential areas of improvement.

Requested By Physicians

“The software also allows me to communicate objective data to physicians regarding a patient’s injury risk, potential for return to play, and possible other areas needing to be addressed with intervention. I have had physicians specifically request M2P to help assist them with return to play decisions and give them objective data to back up their decisions and communicate with their patients. One physician in particular referred a difficult case because he felt that their dysfunction was multi-segmental movement dysfunction and his typical single-joint orthopedic exam was not giving him enough information to make a proper treatment decision. Therefore, the software has also been able to increase referrals through specific physician referrals as well as clients that we have screened and found dysfunction that then became physical therapy patients.”

Normative Data for a Variety of Populations

“The ability to choose your desired population/type of test is extremely useful. I work in an area where I have a large variety of patient ages, activity levels, and backgrounds. This allows me to use the appropriate testing for my specific patient and the software applies the normative data accordingly. I also find the ability to choose testing within patients useful (i.e. Y-balance, FMS, hop testing, etc.). I can do baseline testing earlier even if a patient isn’t quite ready or capable to perform something such as hop testing. The corrective exercise printouts are also extremely valuable. It allows me to give something to the patient to work on remaining deficits that specifically target weak points. All of this and I do not have to spend any extra time generating exercise sheets myself.”

“Back to Work, Back to Play, Back to Life”

According to Josh, Physical Therapy Central’s mission statement and brand is getting patients “back to work, back to play, back to life”. He states, “M2P is an invaluable tool in being able to meet these goals. I can use it for screening and assessment to drive further intervention, a screening to tool to be active and prevent injury within the community, help determine return to play for athletes, and educate patients on a variety of movement related topics. M2P helps me make determinations regarding treatment progression such as an athlete’s ability to begin a plyometric program, etc.”

Keeping patients “at work, at play and living life to the fullest”

“Move2Perform helps me identify deficits in my patients that are not only related to the injury I’m seeing them for, but also identify movement dysfunction that may have led to the injury in the first place or may put them at risk in the future. M2P not only helps me get my patients ‘back to work, back to play, back to life’, but also keep them at work, at play, and living their life to the fullest.”

More about Josh

Josh graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2002 with a Master’s of Physical Therapy degree. He obtained the CSCS certification in 2010. He obtained a DPT degree from Evidence in Motion Institute of Health Professions in 2012 and completed a Sports Physical Therapy Residency program through EIM in 2013. Josh became ABPTS certified in sports and orthopedics in 2013 as well. He is also a Credentialed Clinical Instructor through the APTA and holds a certification in emergency response from the American Red Cross and the Sports Section of the APTA.