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Greg Dea – Sports Medicine Coordinator Northern Territory Institute of Sport Darwin, Australia.

Greg Dea 10-6-13

Move2Perform: Guidance for Successful Outcomes

Greg is the Sports Medicine Coordinator at one of eight institutes in a national network of the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Government. His role is to assist athletes to prepare for successful outcomes at major national and international athletic competitions.

Raising the quality of service in Long Term Athlete Development

“My patients are athletes on various levels of scholarship across 6 sports - Cricket, Wheelchair Basketball, Field Hockey, Rugby League, Australian Football, Swimming and Netball.  The Move2Perform software is where I crunch the numbers from my Functional Movement Screens , Y Balance Tests and Functional Hop Tests.”

“My current role has an ever-important task of using FMS and YBT within a Long Term Athlete Development model of emerging and developing Australian sports stars. I use these for screening  and program guidance, so producing accurate reports is essential to raising the quality of my service.”

A valuable snapshot for coach buy-in

"The Move2Perform software is most valuable to me for buy in with patients and coaches. The risk stratification and bell curve pictorial provides the simplest ‘go-to’ snapshot for my coaches to permit intervention into their training schedule.” “As one coach tells me, ‘A player is no use to me injured on the bench." Buy in is further strengthened by the comparison reports demonstrating progress or regress. In a selfish scientific way, I'm impressed that my data is being pooled globally to improve population specific cutoff points for risk identification. In a business-oriented model, the software's reports offer a significant advantage over peers who don't use it. The value it adds to larger organizations is difficult to

More About Greg

Greg Dea holds the Australian Physiotherapy Association title of Sports Physiotherapist.  This is a protected title, with strict post graduate education requirements, including experience, expertise and examinations in Sports Physiotherapy. He has further training and experience in cycling and running biomechanics, musculoskeletal acupuncture, dry needling, spinal manual therapy, McKenzie therapy and has completed Functional Movement Screen1 and 2, Selective Functional Movement Assessment 1 and Advanced, as well as the 2013 SFMA Mentorship. Prior to his current role, Greg served two years as head physiotherapist and sports medicine coordinator at the Northern Territory Football Club, a semi-professional Australian Football Club. During that that time, the Australian Football Club achieved record-breaking premiership cup success and were finalists the second year.  Greg has also served in various positions in Australian and British Defence Force environments in Australia, England and Germany, and private practice clinics in Australia. Greg holds Bachelor’s degrees in Science and Physiotherapy and a Master’s Degree in Sports Physiotherapy and is a Certified Functional Movement Specialist.  Greg is also a former 400 meter track sprinter and has played 1st grade senior Australian Football and Soccer.