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Steve Hooper, Physiotherapist, Co- Founder of The Body Genius Institute, Perth, Australia

Steve HooperThe Body Genius Institute is a multi-disciplinary facility that specializes in Physiotherapy, Acupuncture (Dry Needling), CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Athletic Screening, Body IQ® testing, Exercise Rehabilitation, Sports Massage, and Nutrition.  The Team at Body Genius is highly skilled and committed to helping people achieve the results they’re after. The Institute works successfully with individuals of all age groups and all levels of physical activity including people who are interested in recreational fitness, as well as weekend warriors and competitive athletes.

Move2Perform Helps Provide a Giant Tick of Approval

“In my opinion the FMS and YBT should be made a mandatory part of all Physiotherapy Curriculums. These exceptional tools help our physiotherapists to see the “big picture” and take a giant leap beyond resolution of symptoms or simply restoring pain-free range of motion. These tests provide quantifiable outcomes and baseline markers from which to prescribe correctives exercises and therapies. With confidence we are now able to send our clients back to sport/activity/work with a giant tick of approval.

The Move2Perform software has taken what was already an exceptional Athletic Screen and made it world-class. Athletes of all abilities now understand the importance of quality movement and functional ability in injury prevention and sporting performance. Coaches now understand the role this type of testing plays in keeping their athletes participating. And what is really exciting is that we have specific orthopedic surgeons who refer clients to us specifically for this type of testing. They know that their reputation as a surgeon is measured by quality of outcome and that this can be significantly improved through this type of testing and corrective exercise/therapy.

At The Body Genius Institute we have a holistic approach to health, healing and sport participation. The FMS and YBT and Move2Perform software fits our philosophy perfectly.

The Screen Brings Business from Individuals and Groups

Award Body Genius wins award at the Master Class in Lean Medicine 2013 for their Body IQ®

The Body Genius Institute has developed a world-class Performance Coaching program. This program is designed to help people achieve their health and sporting goals: From recreational gym goers to weekend warriors, cross-fitters, and top level athletes. As part of this program we have created an Athletic Screen that all clients must participate in and pass before working one-on-one with our coaches. There is a strong functional element to this screen and the FMS and YBT tests have been included. The Move2Perform software has assisted in providing detailed handovers from our Physiotherapists to our Strength Coaches and Performance Coaches. This process has helped us to almost eliminate injuries on the floor and fast-track client progress.   The Body Genius Athletic Screen has been so powerful that we now have individual athletes and small groups coming to our institute just for the screening process.

Testing for Athletes, General Wellness and Occupational Health

At present we are utilizing about 75% of the programs abilities on a daily basis. This includes Athlete and Return to Sport/Activity Testing, the Wellness/Fitness Examination and Occupational Testing, YBT LQ and UQ, FMS, Closed Chain Dorsiflexion, and the Group Affiliation option are utilized effectively. We are progressing towards functional hop testing.

Move2Perform Reports: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The printouts are fantastic and to help us reduce paper waste we often email them to our clients. The ability to repeat testing and provide comparison reports is fantastic. Likewise, the ability to use the “Affiliation” option and create a group summary report for coaches is excellent. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Steve Hooper’s Role as Physiotherapist: Multi-Faceted

Typically the client has come to me due to pain or other symptoms. My initial role is to eliminate their pain/symptoms.  For this to occur, a detailed assessment of the 12 systems of the body is required.  Once the “pain generator” is established I can decide which team member is the most suited to help this client heal: Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, etc.

 At The Body Genius Institute we believe that all systems of the body must be corrected for a complete resolution of symptoms. As such preventative strategies are put in place to ensure that the client overcomes the predisposing factors. People Integrating the client back into their “functional world” (sport, activity, work) requires more than just pain/symptom resolution. We rely heavily on the FMS/YBT and Move2Perform software to guide us as to when the client is ready for full participation. Despite pain/symptom resolution, many clients do not move well. Sending them back to work or sport without detailed corrective exercises would most likely result in a reoccurrence. The FMS and YBT results can easily demonstrate to the client why pain resolution was only the first step. And of course re-testing and comparison reports provide outstanding feedback and help yield compliance.

Australia is in need of change when it comes to their concept of health and wellness. Less than 50% of Australian's are taking responsibility for their own health. Australia now ranks 2nd in the world for obesity and even a greater percentage are unwell. Our goal is to continue to build a world class Institute aimed firmly at changing the way people view health and wellness.

Our mission:

To educate and empower more people towards optimal health than any other organization within Australia.”

 About Steve Hooper, Physiotherapist

A graduate of Curtin University’s Physiotherapy Program Steve brings 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry including 14 years as a Physiotherapist, 15 years as an exercise physiologist, and 20 years as a personal trainer/strength coach. Steve has excelled in providing sports specific physiotherapy treatment, exercise rehabilitation and nutritional advice to highly successful state, national and Olympic athletes. Steve comes from a competitive sporting background himself having played University level ice hockey in Canada, successfully competing in power lifting, representing Western Australia at the National Inline Hockey Championships in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2009 and representing Australia at the World Inline Hockey Championships in 2002 and 2004. Steve continues to remain extremely fit and push the boundaries of his own athletic abilities. Steve is passionate about health, nutrition, and helping his clients to achieve success in all of their sporting pursuits. His passion for his work and his outstanding results in treating his clients and athletes of all levels fuels his reputation as an outstanding physiotherapist.


  • Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Exercise Physiology & Physical Education)
  • Acupuncturist (Dry Needling) – Masters Qualifications
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC2)
  • Author: The Big 5 Is Alive
  • Fitness Australia – Master Trainer
  • YBT certification
  • FMS Level 1 certification