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Recommended Training for Move2Perform

Master the Tests

For the most accurate results from your Move2Perform software, certification in the evidence-based, field expedient tests is highly recommended.

Functional Movement Screen and Y Balance Test

While you can use the Move2Perform software with either the FMS or Y Balance Test alone, the best research indicates that both are needed to accurately identify those athletes who have deficits that will limit their performance or keep them sidelined with an injury. Both tests are recommended for comprehensive return to sport testing. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Functional Movement System.  Getting your staff trained and certified in the Functional Movement Screen is a logical first step.  Attend a course or take advantage of the online Level 1 FMS course. You also need to be certified in the Y Balance Test which is done through an online course.

Closed Chain Dorsiflexion

Another test recommended which can be entered into the software is closed chain dorsiflexion.  Here is a video that covers how to measure closed chain dorsiflexion and this is a Clinometer app that can be used to measure it.

Putting It All Together with Discharge Testing

Phil Plisky has a Return to Sport Testing course on Medbridge that includes video of how to perform the evidence based tests. The annual subscription is available at a sharply discounted rate if you use the above link and the promo code PLISKY. Hop testing is fully described in the Medbridge course with video, but here is an APTA article that includes descriptions for the hop tests as well.  You can find more information about hop testing, discharge criteria and much more on Phil Plisky’s blog.  For a discharge checklist, sign in to access this and other great resources.