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Raise the Bar on Health and Fitness

Apply for a FREE Annual Move2Perform Subscription for one location, Functional Movement Screen Kit and Y Balance Test Kit!

Each year clinics, researchers, fitness professionals, students, universities, corporate wellness programs contact us with a strong desire to change lives using Move2Perform.  Many lack the funds or buy in from their organization to move forward.  We would love to honor the steady stream of requests we receive for subscriptions and test kits for plans designed to bring the objective reporting and the best evidence to communities around the globe.

Y Balance Test RwandaMove2Perform has created an opportunity to award an annual subscription, Functional Movement Screen Kit, and Y Balance Test Kit free of charge* to the new or existing subscriber with the best plan to raise the bar on musculoskeletal health in their community.

*Free shipping in the United States

What is Move2Perform?

Move2Perform is a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury. Help your clients stay on the field, on the job, and in the game with Move2Perform software. Move2Perform products have been studied with overwhelmingly positive results, published in peer reviewed literature, and adopted by the US military and professional sports teams internationally.

2015 Move2Perform Raise the Bar Award Application

To apply, submit the following in an email to info@move2perform.com by July 15, 2015.

Company Name
Contact Name
Contact Credentials
Email Address

  1. List the name/s of at least one member of your staff who is certified in the FMS and the YBT.
  2. Provide a brief description of your plans for using the software and the YBT and FMS kits for any or all of the following:
    1. evidence-based return to sport/activity testing
    2. occupational health
    3. general wellness and/or the annual musculoskeletal exam
    4. pre-season athletic screening or performance enhancement programs
  3. Submit a 250 word description of your plan and a photo or website link. The submission will be posted on social media.  Shares, likes, retweets and all types of community social media activity supporting your project are encouraged.
  4. Applicant agrees to update Move2Perform on the success of the program in 6 months.
  5. Current Move2Perform providers are welcome to apply.