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Move2Perform Algorithm Validated by Prospective Study

Lehr ME, Plisky PJ, Kiesel KB, Butler RJ, Fink M, Underwood FB. Field Expedient Screening and Injury Risk Algorithm Categories as Predictors of Non-Contact Lower Extremity Injury. Scan J Med Sci Sport. 2013

“Athletes identified as High Risk (n = 63) were at a greater risk of noncontact LE injury (27/63) during the season [RR: 3.4 95% confidence interval 2.0 to 6.0]. These results suggest that an injury prediction algorithm composed of performance on efficient, low-cost, field-ready tests can help identify individuals at elevated risk of non-contact LE injury.”


TAKE HOME: By utilizing efficient, easy to administer tests (history, Functional Movement Screen, Y Balance Test) and the Move2Perform algorithm, athletes at greatest risk of injury can be identified and injury prevention resources can be allocated to those at greatest risk of injury.

Move2Perform Research Summary


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