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Large Group Screening

Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Owensboro, PSC

Allison Fallin, DPT, COMT, CSCS

Screen On Site

AFallinOSMO“I definitely recommend going on site vs. having them come to you. If you are screening a sports team or organization, getting access to their gym definitely makes for better participation. We have learned that finding a large space that is well ventilated is appreciated by both screeners and participants. I would recommend doing multiple on-site visits prior to the screens and a follow-up visit as well. In my experience, putting familiar faces at the screens and when giving results increases buy in and overall compliance. It can help with the roll over of participants into patients too.

Layout and Test Flow Matter

Presenting the screens as a competition encourages high school age athletes to try harder and take the tests seriously. Something I have learned with repeat testing is that having a great layout and flow for screening is very important. During our last round of screening, I separated the gym in two sections: a Y Balance Test and an FMS side. This allowed us to split the kids into two groups. It was easier to filter the smaller groups into stations based on what they had already completed. Organization is the real key to efficient group screenings.”

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From Improve Athletic Performance through Injury Prevention: 
Proven methods for one athlete, a team or an entire university
Used with permission

Wellspan Sports Medicine

Matthew Lawrence, ATC/L, PTA

On-Site Testing & Reporting: For Athletes AND Industry

lawrence_matthew__004“We have had coordinated testing events where our team has tested over 225 athletes in one weekend and provided on-site packet explanation and handouts.  Wellspan Sports Medicine has presented injury prevention information to the industrial and manufacturing community in York, PA, resulting in screening opportunities in this population.

Move2Perform: A Component of Contracted Services

The Move2Perform results were also used to implement injury prevention strategies for the higher risk athletes in our contracted club sport entities.  The M2P programming is built into our contracted services for our contracted high schools and club sport teams including Greater York Dance, CrossFit Hanover, Adams York Sports Performance Center and the Black Rose Rollers, our local roller derby team. “