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Free Upgrade to Move2Perform Version 3.3.3

You Asked for Help Explaining Reports

Reports now include a list of all below standard items for each individual.  Explaining results for teams or individuals is a snap with a concise listing of below standard results for each test, which all factor into the deficit category on the Move2Perform report.  deficit listing fbThe listing can also aid with explanations for the below, pass or optimal standard curve plotting of the Functional Movement Screen and Y Balance Test, which is included on individual reports.

You Wanted Features To Make Group Testing Easier

Testing groups can seem overwhelming at first.  There are several features in the Move2Perform software that can help you improve efficiency with group testing.  Reports for groups contain objective reporting in a easy to understand format for meaningful communication with coaches and teams.  The reports, generated in an instant, are designed to give you the vital information you need to plot your next steps for injury prevention measures for groups and teams.

FMS group report

The free upgrade to version 3.3.3 allows the Group or Team Affiliation field to appear automatically on the data entry screen as a non-mandatory field. The Affiliation field will appear on retests, allowing you to update a client’s information to simplify including him/her in group reports.  Use the Affiliation field to name your groups and teams to accelerate group selection for reports!

  1. Use the Affiliation field when entering test data for each person in a group.
  2. Search for the group name under Affiliation.
  3. Select all of the names and run individual or group reports.

group report p1


PDF reports for all of the individuals will be generated or a group report can be created.  The reports can be printed or emailed to your clients.



Skip A Test

All tests have a ‘skip test’ box, allowing you to revise your testing plan during data entry without having to backtrack to the test selection screen.


 How Do I Download Version 3.3.3?

Move2Perform providers will see a download link in the upper right corner of the Main Menu.

3.3.3Download the latest version using the link on the Main Menu screen.  Follow this step on each computer with the software installed on it. An internet connection is required to complete the download.

Maintaining Your Y Balance Test Certification


We are excited to announce that YBalanceTest.com and its contents has merged with FunctionalMovement.com, the home of Functional Movement Systems. To continue your Y Balance Test education, we encourage you to head to FunctionalMovement.com to purchase the ALL NEW Y Balance Test Online Course.

If you have never completed the Y Balance Test Certification, follow these steps:
  1. Register for an account on FunctionalMovement.com.
  2. Click Here to be taken directly to the Online Store.
  3. Complete your purchase.
  4. Follow the course instructions emailed to you.

The content is ALL NEW.  You may be eligible for a free YBT certification for a LIMITED TIME, if:

  1. You have already completed the Y Balance Test Certification
  2. You are an active FMS/SFMA certified member
  3. You renew your expired FMS/SFMA membership
  4. You have completed an FMS or SFMA course, but have not taken the exam.

Want more information about the YBT Online Course? Click Here.

Questions? Contact support@functionalmovement.com