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Casey Unverzagt PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS of Wise Physical Therapy

Casey Picture 2“… the literature supports a battery of tests... for risk of injury. Move2Perform incorporates them all.”

Casey works in a small private practice right off campus of Slippery Rock University in Western Pennsylvania.  Here’s how Casey uses Move2Perform software:

Move2Perform has really enhanced our consistency between therapists. If I am on the road, and leave someone else to perform return to sport testing on an athlete, I know what they will do and how they will do it. Secondly, the updates to the system do the research for me. It is very difficult to stay up to date with the ever-changing data that comes out with regards to injury risk factors. I love the fact that Move2Perform does this work for me; as new research come out, it is incorporated into our system. When screening teams for increased risk of injury, the Move2Perform software makes this very easy. We can print out summaries for the team, and discuss with the coach various intervention strategies based on specific objective data gathered from his team. Coaches love it! Additionally, this is very marketable for our facility, as we can provide this unique service to a team.

“We have really enjoyed the printouts ... The athletes look at it, and can see for themselves "

“Our clinic really pushes hard towards providing evidence based care.  Being the only individual who has completed a sports residency in our company, I have felt the burden of bringing evidence for return to sport testing into the clinic. Incorporating the Move2Perform software into the clinic has really helped to level the playing field, and help all of our staff utilize a common language. Move2Perform feeds into our clinic philosophy of allowing all staff to be involved in the return to play decisions. Lastly, the Move2Perform software is simple and efficient.  I cannot devote an hour to every athlete in order to determine their risk of injury.  The tests that Move2Perform analyzes are simple, quick, and do not require significant space or equipment.  This is really nice in a small, busy clinic.”